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Watford pulled off a performance for the ages in the triumph against Liverpool. (Image Credit: Twitter)
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Sighting the rainbow on a dark night: A Watford fan’s account

Watford pulled off a performance for the ages in the triumph against Liverpool. (Image Credit: Twitter)
Watford pulled off a performance for the ages in the triumph against Liverpool. (Image Credit: Twitter)

Watford have been relegated from the English Premier League (EPL) following a below-par campaign, with confusion and chaos reigning supreme. 4 managers made their way down to the dugout with close to no backing, indicating the muddled decision making and lack of clarity.  

The majority of fans are still in a state of shock following the tragic development. Some are venting their frustration out on social media, hoping that the pain subsides. Others like David Robinson who has been supporting the club since the last 10 years, prefer to celebrate the finer moments.




The 25-year-old is as disappointed, if not more. However, David prefers to await the return of the Championship, looking back fondly at the Hornets’ finest performance this season: the spectacular 3-0 win against eventual champions Liverpool.

“The morale before the game was at an all-time low. It was a very demoralising feeling for a squad of our ability, to be languishing at the bottom of the table having registered only 1 win till Nigel Pearson arrived.”


“For most games which I have watched at the Vicarage stadium, there has always been a bit of optimism despite knowing in the back of my mind that a comfortable defeat was most likely.   Sadly, even that brief glimmer of hope had vanished before the clash against Liverpool. I had completely given up, and was simply praying for a narrow defeat at best, with the comfort of a commendable fight.” he confesses.

The 25-year-old decided to still not permit his fear to get the better of him, ensuring a calm mindset as the clash drew closer.

“I decided to remain calm, despite the tough odds involved. Although we needed the points badly in our quest for survival, I knew we were up against one of the best teams in the world. It was a case of trying to enjoy my day prior to the late kick off, and simply accepting the eventual outcome with open arms.”

As David drove down to the Vicarage stadium, he noticed an unexpected air of positivity amongst the fans, who were cheerful despite having low expectations.


“It takes me a couple of hours to get to the Vicarage stadium. There’s always a bit of a buzz around, when a top six side is in town. The Liverpool team bus received a lot of attention, with the anticipation a major part of the match day. Despite the low expectations from the fans, the attitude was positive. We all wanted to cheer the team to the best of our abilities, and perform our roles if nothing else.”


The fans sang in unison and cheered the players with the same intensity, as reserved for Champions. The players buoyed by this confidence and show of faith, kicked off the game on an excellent note.

“We got off to a really positive start, with the players cheering the fans rather than needing a lift themselves. The intensity and belief was excellent.”

However, as Gerard Deulofeu curled an early effort inches over the bar with Abdoulaye Doucoure’s close-range further blocked, the anxiety soon returned as both sides walked back with the score reading 0-0 at half time.

“Watford’s biggest weakness had been a lack of cutting edge, and the same mistakes were being repeated in the first half. We had to be more clinical to get a result. Anything lesser than that would result in a valiant but certain defeat,” he says with a grim look.

However, as the famous saying goes: Cometh the hour, Cometh the man. In stepped record signing Ismaila Sarr, when Watford needed a messiah to deliver the goods.

“It was a joyous feeling”

“It was a joyous feeling. Watford were suddenly 1-0 up in a game where I did not expect a goal, following a long throw with Sarr getting the ball in the back of the net. While there were nearly 36 minutes left for the game to end, the Senegalese’ opener gave me some much-needed confidence,” he enthuses.

As the 25-year-old prepared himself for a physical battle between the two sides resulting in a 1-1 draw, Sarr made his presence felt yet again to gift David a glorious and ever-lasting memory.

“It was one of those golden moments as a fan, which you can treasure for years to come. Before I could realise, the attacker was slipped through on goal with the roaring crowd baying him on. It is certainly a miracle that the Senegalese was able to remain collected and score his second, resulting in carnage. The whole stadium was rocking and nearly wild with ecstasy. It was a very crucial second goal.”

As the fans started singing and chanting with renewed vigour, intensity, David decided to wait having witnessed Liverpool complete many stunning comebacks previously.

“Despite the scoreline reading 2-0, I still believed Liverpool could make a comeback against our brittle defence. The neutrals believed that it was game over, but I was cautious having witnessed the Hornets concede the advantage before.”

In stepped Troy Deeney (72nd minute) with Sarr making his presence felt yet again, as Watford made it 3-0 on the scoreline leaving David in a state of complete shock.

“I was speechless”

“I was speechless. We had performed exceptionally well in front of goal with utmost decisiveness. This was completely against what we had delivered so far this season, with the overriding feeling following the 3-0 scoreline one of complete shock. It was time for me to throw caution to the winds, and join the celebrations with all heart and soul,” he says with a booming laugh.

As the referee blew the final whistle marking a sublime 3-0 triumph for Watford, as well as Liverpool’s maiden defeat in the league campaign, the whole stadium went crazy.

“The fans were delirious. It was a real thrill at full time, the crowd was buzzing. I stayed till the very end to clap the players off the pitch and celebrate the beautiful moments which I had been lucky enough to experience. The trip back home was further accompanied by two rounds of highlights, as I relived what is one of the most memorable occasions for me as a Watford fan,” says David with a wide smile.

“We will certainly make a comeback to the Premier League very soon. As I await our return, this triumph will act as the perfect balm to my wounds.”

Written By: Marcelino Da Silva


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