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Iker Casillas, arguably the ‘greatest’ ever goalkeeper bids adieu


Legendary Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas on Tuesday (August-4) announced his retirement, at the age of 39.

Casillas has won the UEFA Champions League thrice during his illustrious career, further recording the most clean sheets in the history of the tournament.

First player to feature in 20 seasons of UCL

The former Real Madrid keeper is the first player to feature in 20 seasons of the Champions League, having registered a record 177 appearances. Last but not the least, Casillas is the second player ever to have recorded 100 wins in the tournament.

The legendary keeper’s accolades are far too many, to sum up in a few sentences indicating the unbelievable level of success which the veteran has garnered during his sensational career.

While Casillas was a fantastic keeper and a true credit to the game, his experience and leadership skills were further invaluable, making a massive difference in many crucial encounters. The 39-year-old was a Champion who knew what it took and led Real Madrid, Spain to great success throughout his career.

The game will certainly remember the heroism and charisma of Iker Casillas, the man who inspired millions.

Written By: Ishan Agarwal.


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