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Former Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho
Bundesliga Football

Jose Mourinho: Bayern Munich’s perfect managerial candidate?

Former Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho

Bayern Munich have recently announced their decision to part ways with head coach Niko Kovac. This decision was taken after considering recent performances, soon after a 5-1 defeat against Eintracht Frankfurt. Jose Mourinho has been identified as the most likely candidate to take over.

Let us take a look at a few factors which give an indication over whether the Portuguese is the right fit at Allianz Arena:

Desire to excel:

Jose Mourinho is considered one of the greatest managers in the history of football. The former Manchester United manager has won domestic championships in four different countries. Mourinho has further lifted two Champions League trophies as well. There are obvious parallels with Bayern Munich who have indicated a desire to dominate European football at any cost.

Emphasis on a rock-solid defence:

Mourinho enjoys a strong desire to ensure an impregnable defence which is something Bayern Munich have lacked in recent times. One can be assured of an astute back-line and inch-perfect gameplay at the back, with the Portuguese manager at the helm. 

Clash in Tactics:

Bayern Munich have traditionally been an attacking-minded side. Their desire to dominate opponents on the back of creative gameplay has been evident at every stage. Mourinho is a manager who wishes to see even the best of attackers contribute defensively. This results in them growing steadily frustrated with his tactics. It would indeed be difficult for the Bayern Munich fans to stomach attackers like Robert Lewandoski battling hard for a 1-0 win.

Former Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho
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Capricious Nature:

The Portuguese manager is prone to emotional outbursts in case things are not going his way. This was evident during his last stint at Manchester United. Mourinho’s outburst following the club’s 4-1 defeat against Liverpool was extraordinary, to say the least. Even for a manager whose media appearances are often outspoken, the comments were extraordinary.

He confessed unrest at the handlings of Ed Woodward, a list of five players for “two new signings” and being unsure if even one of these will arrive. Even after attracting an astounding 100,000 crowd at Michigan, Mourinho claimed he would not pay to see the Liverpool game despite being between the Premier League’s fiercest rivals. These comments had Glazers, United’s for-profit American owners mystified at the prospect of their manager effectively telling fans not to turn up for their next pre-season friendly against Real Madrid in the next round of ICC. This will certainly not go well at Bayern Munich and might very well cost him the support of the board as well as the fans.

Dismissive attitude towards youth players:

As Manchester United’s star winger Alexis Sanchez came off the pitch late in the second half during a league clash, he looked visibly annoyed at himself, the team performance and then 3-1 scoreline. When asked about in the press Mourinho gave an even demoralising answer stating “How could Alexis Sánchez be very happy with the players around him?”, the 55-year-old asked in a crushing dismissal of younger squad members he was supposedly developing as future United footballers.

Not to overlook the fact that most of these players represented England during the U-19 World Cup. They had made staggering progress in the UEFA Youth League and U-19 FA Cup. This depressing lack of support for young players and consistent public criticism came at a time where teams like Manchester City, AS Monaco had made a huge effort to promote their youth team.

Many of the youth players came to question their future at United. Bayern Munich have always adopted a positive attitude towards talented youngsters. They recently invested in the services of players like Alphonso Davies, Serge Gnabry and Niklas Sule. Mourinho’s lack of apathy towards talented youngsters will certainly be in contrast to the stand of Bayern Munich.      

Written By: Elton Gomes.


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