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The topsy-turvy life of an Arsenal fan

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You are half awake lying on a sofa, as you figure out your beloved team Arsenal’s starting lineup with those blurry eyes. One starts to get more involved into the game as you see more chances being created. Things get tense during the end of the first half as players try setting up for a corner, and a header makes your team go up by one goal. You wait for more chances but the team is starting to take a step back after playing for seventy minutes. Then comes the most crucial time in English football. The 90th minute and extra time (or as some say Fergie time), the opposing team makes attempts and comes close to scoring a goal. Thankfully, Arsenal wins. WELL, THAT WAS CLOSE.

Everyone wants their team to win. However, as we all know a draw and a loss are a part of 1 in 3 chances for a game to turn tables. Especially in the Premier League which is known to be the most competitive all around Europe. My love for Football can make me scream, cry and jump with joy. It is like a less lethal drug. Taking it once or twice in a week will keep you sane. It is akin to playing a supporting character in a movie that we like to call “FOOTBALL FAN CULTURE”.

There are very few who have the opportunity and riches to give their lives away to this sport. I for one am an international fan, (as referred by locals in Europe) who supports a team that keeps delivering below-par results. A team that is stuck like a broken record player.  The lyrics are correct but the words sound completely off tone. Things have not been great for a long period of time.

Arsenal’s steady decline haunts fans:

Starting from the brawls both in and out of the stadium and what can I say about the banners. Yes, it is nice to have banners that encourage the team, but not when they can hurt the team’s performance. On the other hand, if a team keeps under performing by making the same mistakes year after year and no precautions are undertaken after multiple attempts by fans; it is completely alright to use methods to voice their opinions.

YouTube is one of the mediums that never fails in addressing people’s opinions, especially for Arsenal fans. Whether it’s a group of folks debating on channels such as Arsenal FanTV or an individualistic approach by Hugh Wizzy.

How is it that a club that was known for its glory days at Highbury moves to the Emirates and loses the calibre to maintain that winning mentality every single game. A club that used to have players like Thierry Henry and many others who shaped the club to walk a path of success and prosperity. Not to forget the gaffer himself “Herbert Chapman” who took the opportunity to reinvent the club back in the early 20’s. You wonder what would have been of Arsenal if Chapman never came to Arsenal.

Ian Walton

Is Wenger to blame for Arsenal’s woes?

Arsene Wenger sure did great things during his stint at Arsenal. However, it would have been nice if he called it quits and moved on after the Invincibles era. We had arrived at an odd spot where the board was supremely close to Arsene. They were not willing to get rid of him unless he said so. This was not a proper form of management, where the board had friendly relations with the manager for years. They were further scared about any kind of change.

Some say it was Wenger, grandfathered by the committee to perform at a stagnant level over 20 years to blame. Others say both the committee as well as Arsene were to blame, especially Stan Kroenke the largest stakeholder of the club. Kroenke is nowhere close to being a lover of football. He only expects his teams to do the bare minimum to get by every year.

Time for Arsenal to undergo a rapid turnaround:

I feel it is high time that Arsenal revamps the club. Most of the members of the board need to be asked to leave. There also needs to be a body that listens to what the fans have to say. They should also be allowed to discuss with board members, in regard to what alteration can be made for the betterment of the club. You may have observed that sometimes the fan who goes to games day in day out, knows much more than some of the pundits that discuss about football.

Our performance so far this season is a nightmare to watch. The team has dropped down to the 6th position. Only a Hail Mary can help Arsenal in getting to the top four. That would mean going on a winning streak, and hoping the top teams currently start to bottle it. This is a big challenge for the team as a whole). 

At this moment, we are unsure if Unai Emery might leave or be backed by the club. Whatever decision is made, I want Arsenal to bring back the smiles, passion, joy, comfort and a spirit of winning back just like back in 96’.

Written By: Amiel Satvedi. 


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