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Harry Kane
English Premier League Football

Harry Kane: The long awaited generational superstar

Harry Kane

Born just around twenty minutes from the ‘old’ White Hart Lane, Harry Kane is a player who every young footballer looks upon and aspires to be. Not because of his superstar status or his success story but because of the struggle, hard work and determination with an added pinch of luck. Just ask a Tottenham fan. They proudly sing ‘He’s one of our own’. The fans have finally found someone who they can relate to since the days of legendary defender Ledley King.

Harry Kane, the ultimate modern-day footballer:

Harry epitomises everything current manager Mauricio Pochettino looks for in a modern-day footballer. He scores, tracks back, defends and what not. He is banned from taking corners though. ‘Lads, it’s Tottenham’. The infamous way of describing Tottenham Hotspur, who did play beautiful football but lacked that spine required to go over in major matches. Today, it isn’t the case. And Harry is a major reason why that’s the case. His belief and dedication to Tottenham has led them from outsiders for the top four to title contenders in the past two seasons.

Yes, Pochettino has had a big role to play, but Harry has been at the forefront of it all. It’s music to the ears of Spurs fans when he goes on record telling everybody, he wants to achieve things at Tottenham.

It’s hard to find such loyalty as well as honesty in today’s time. This mindset isn’t just something you’re born with. As much as we give credit to Harry, the same must go for his family and his fiancé who have stood with him through his thick and thin. They have further guided him correctly to reach the levels he has attained today.

He lives a very simple life, be it on the pitch (scoring goals) or off it. On his off days, he will usually be found at a golf course or spending time with his family.

Harry Kane’s excellence under pressure praise-worthy:

It isn’t anything extraordinary but that is the thing, he is ordinarily brilliant eating goals for breakfast, lunch or dinner. When Tottenham were drawn alongside Real Madrid and Borrusia Dortmund a few seasons ago in the group of death, they were written off without even having a kick at the ball. If one goes through Harry’s interviews during that time, you could see that he was fairly confident. The Englishman also stated that these are the games we want to be playing at this club.

He thrives on pressure and has carried Spurs over the line quite a few times. If not with his goals, his overall gameplay, which is highly underrated. There was an instance in the Madrid game Spurs played at Wembley where they lost the ball in Madrid’s final third and were facing a counter-attack but the Los Blancos only received a corner. That was due to Harry’s determination who ran the entire length of the football pitch to track back the runner. The loans to the lower leagues and scaling to these heights from the grassroots level have all played their part.

Efforts like these not only inspire your teammates but the fans watching too, in the stadium as well the ones watching at home. Fair to say, Tottenham finished the group top with relative ease and a game to play. Harry has been a Tottenham fan since he was a kid. That adds to the connection he shares with the club as well as the fans.

Harry Kane, the ultimate role-model:

If the English want a role model to lead their team today, there doesn’t seem a better fit than Harry Kane even though he is just 26.

Pep Guardiola even went to the extent of referring to Spurs as ‘the Harry Kane team’ in the past. It may not have been sarcastic but if it was, how should it matter. The fans surely won’t have a problem being called the Harry Kane team for ten or fifteen years down the line.

Harry Kane has a feel-good story. He is a testament to what hard work and focus and not giving up can lead you to. All you need is a little faith and a bit of luck. Years down the line when one looks back at his career they can only smile and think ‘ Harry Kane, the boy wonder who made it’.

Written By: Arjun Chugh (Twitter/@arjun_chugh)


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